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Wavelength Radio

About the Wavelength Radio Workshops:

Waveguide is a series of workshops centered around sound and radio. With Gary having only one remaining radio station, Waveguide functions as a resource to empower the residents of Gary through broadcasting community driven sound works. Each workshop gives participants the tools necessary to record, edit, and broadcast sound; with sound works ranging from field recordings of protests to re-mixed pop songs. Gary is a city rich with musical and cultural heritage, one that continues to be vibrant today. Waveguide exists to support this creative energy, providing an alternative output that is rooted within Gary.

The Bell Building Workshops were held in from November 2014 to January 2015, in collaboration with the Indiana University Northwest (IUN) Arts Department and Radius, led by Austen Brown and Alyssa Moxley. Over the course of three months participants were given a survey of transmission artists, sound works, and techniques. Using self-built radio transmitters, we explored diverse approaches to sound, its relationship to space and architecture, and transmission.

The workshops culminated in a live radio broadcast on January 24th, 2015, in partnership with Radius, an experimental radio platform. Performances and sound works were broadcast from the Glen Park Pavilion, reaching the Indiana Bell Building about a mile away. The transmission was recorded and looped, with the audience carrying radios from Glen Park to the Indiana Bell Building, listening to the broadcast along the way.

The Hawthorne Building Workshops were held from June 2015 to July 2015, in collaboration with the Center for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE) at Indiana University Northwest (IUN), led by Austen Brown and Sadie Woods. Over the course of 12 workshops, participants were taught how to record, edit, and broadcast audio works. Through exercises and presentations we explored field recording, sampling, culture jamming, and radio interference.
The workshops concluded with sound works, installations, and performances held in the Hawthorne Building on IUNs campus.