The Heat Light Water Project

The Story Collection Project

About the Project

“Our stories come from our lives … the roles we create, the artistry of life itself …  It’s good to remember that in crises, natural crises, human beings forget for awhile their ignorances, their biases, their prejudices. For a little while, neighbors help neighbors and strangers help strangers. There’s something which impels us to show our inner souls. The more courageous we are, the more we succeed in explaining what we know.” -Maya Angelou

My work investigates how memory, location and history intersect within society.  Since one of my interests is to discover the moment when a person’s life has a direct influence on the history of a region, my goal is to create a space where personal experiences and memories connect to a particular moment in time.

By assuming the role of artist/archivist/anthropologist, I invite the Gary community to collaborate with me in mapping the city’s history by collecting personal stories and photographs, which will be the source material for public archive art installation.  The goal of this project is to create an ethnographic map of experiences that express the soul of the community throughout the generations.

Samantha Hill
Samantha Hill is an artist/educator with an emphasis on archives, oral story collecting & art facilitations. She earned her MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago in 2010. Hill developed multi-media projects for cultural institutions such as the McColl Center for Visual Art & Innovation, Charlotte, NC; Hyde Park Art Center and Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs. Hill received several honors for her work including the International Sculpture Center Award in 2006 & 2008 and the Philadelphia Sculpture Award.  Hill is the 2015 Artist-in-Residence at the at the Anchorage Museum at the Rasmuson Foundation.
Hill’s latest endeavor, the Kinship Project, is an African American ethnographic record of family photography & ephemera from 1839 to 2010.  The goal of the Kinship Project is to collect personal stories & ephemera within each project city to discover how a city’s culture develops over time.  She utilizes her archive/story collecting practice to develop installation projects which embodies the historic narrative of a region; and to connect those regional experiences into a map of US culture.