The Heat Light Water Project


Workshops with Thea Bowman Leadership Academy collaboration with students from the school of the art institute of chicago
Gary Lights Open Works (GLOW) creating programmable streetlights
Workshops with Steel City Academy creating wearable light

current projects

Conductive mural

The conductive mural is a series of workshops and projects that aim to teach circuitry and programming concepts through traditional methods of art making. Utilizing the Heat Light Water project as a platform for collaboration with high school students in Gary, Indiana, Amanda Yamasaki will use the conductive mural as a teaching tool and way to activate public space.

( upcoming )

Gary Lights Open Works

As the first project under the umbrella of Gary Lights Open Works, Marissa Lee Benedict & David Rueter choose to examine and reproduce the form of the streetlight in order to ask critical questions of ownership, technologic progress and institutional memory in the city of Gary.


Gary Tiles

( upcoming )

previous projects

Changing Gary Photo Club

The photo club meets weekly to learn and share the knowledge and possibilities of photography with Darren Pollard and Sam Love. Exploring both digital and analog approaches to the photographic media, the group is concerned with documenting the rapidly changing urban environment.


Wavelength Radio

Waveguide is a series of workshops centered around sound and radio. With Gary having only one remaining radio station, Waveguide functions as a resource to empower the residents of Gary through broadcasting community driven sound works. The workshops were held in collaboration with the Indiana University Northwest (IUN) Arts Department, led by Austen Brown, Sadie Woods and Alyssa Moxley.