The Heat Light Water Project

Artists and Administrators

Jan Tichy
Jan Tichy is a contemporary artist and educator. Working at the intersection of video, sculpture, architecture, and photography, his conceptual work is socially and politically engaged. Born in Prague in 1974, Tichy studied art in Israel before earning his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he is now Assistant Professor at the Department of Photography. Tichy has had solo exhibitions at the MCA Chicago; Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago; CCA Tel Aviv; Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art; Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago; No Longer Empty, NY and Chicago Cultural Center among others.  In  2011, he created Project Cabrini Green (2011), a community-based art project that illuminated with spoken word the last high rise building at the Cabrini Green Housing Projects in Chicago during its month long demolition.  Recently Tichy started to work on a long-term Chicagoland community project in Gary, Indiana.

The Heat Light Water Cultural Project (HLWCP) is a collaborative effort to preserve and reimagine one of Gary’s most endangered and historically important architectural assets. Through a partnership with local and regional artists, community members, and city officials, the goal is to develop a lasting engagement with the city by facilitating artist-run workshops in order to ultimately cultivate community-building.

Sam Love
Samuel A Love is an educator, artist, and organizer in Gary, Indiana.Before returning to the Calumet Region from Chicago in 2012 he was a keyholder at Mess Hall and former distributor and occasional co-editor of AREA Chicago.
He has been photographing the people, ecology, and changing built environment of Gary and the Calumet Region for over 15 years. Since 2009 he has worked with the Central District Organizing Project to bring a creative dimension to community organizing in Gary’s historic Black Midtown community. This rewarding work has partnered Gary residents with artists from around the world resulting in many film, mural, poetic, and political works.
With the Gary Heat Light and Water project he has led an intergenerational workshop on documentary photography for the Center for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE) at Indiana University Northwest. He has also developed “P.E.” a political education workshop series, teaching media literacy and studying local power dynamics.
In addition to the HLW he is developing G-NAP, the Gary Natural Areas Project, working with the Gary parks department, institutional partners, and the community to continue the storied legacy of conservation and ecological study in Gary.